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Sea Point

Sea Point - Bunglow

Sea Point has a 4 room bungalow stay, where on the ground floor two rooms and on the first floor two rooms, each room has the capacity of 4-5 members each. On 1st-floor air-conditioned rooms are available. Each room is well furnished and have tv, hot & cold water facilities in.…

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Kaivalya Farms

Kaivalya Farms - Bunglow

Kaivalya Farm is the best farm where you stay with a group and as well as with families. It is in Alibag district, it is around 5 mins walking distance from the beach. There are 3 bungalows in the property 1) 2 BHK, 3 BHK & 4 BHK which has…

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Salil Farm

Salil Farm - Bunglow

Salil Farm is located around 1 km distance from Nagaon beach. It is just 6 km distance from Alibag beach. Salil Farm offers a private 3 bhk bungalow for their guest at a resonable cost. In the bungalow, there are 3 rooms and a hall each room has attached washroom…

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Manas Villa

Manas Villa - Bunglow

Manas Villa is situated in Tungarli village of Lonavala. It around 1.5 km distance from Lonavala station. It is an villa which has 4 bedrooms with hall, kitchen and a lawn in front of the Villa. Rooms has attached washroom, hot & cold water facility, indoor- outdoor games to play.…

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Rama Residency

Rama Residency - Bunglow

Rama Residency is the Bungalow which has 6 rooms and a Hall with washroom facility in each room. In Bungalow there is a spacious drawing room, Dining and a Kitchen area facilities in the room. In front of the Bungalow, there is a lawn and a garden facility with a…

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Mount View Row House

Mount View Row House - Bunglow

We all know about Lonavala, it is the tourist place where you comes close to nature. Lonavala is surrounded by mountains, Jungle, and beautiful waterfalls in monsoon. So Mount View Row House invites you to stay in the bungalow which is Located in Tungarli village Lonavala. There are 2 bungalows…

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Harmoniyam Bungalow

Harmoniyam Bungalow - Bunglow

Harmoniyam Bungalow is located in Karla, Lonavala Pune. Harmoniyam bungalow has a scenic location and hills view, It has 3 bed rooms and a Hall in the bungalow, with kitchen and a terrace on 2nd floor and mini terrace on 1st. Bungalow has kitchen where you can cook your food…

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Bansuri Bungalow

Bansuri Bungalow - Bunglow

Bansuri Bungalow is located in Karla, Lonavala. It has a hills view and scenic location around the bungalow. In monsoon, you can enjoy with the waterfalls. Bansuri Bungalow has 2 luxurious and a huge living room for family and a spacious hall.    Bansuri bungalow has terrace on 2nd floor and mini…

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Shahnai Bungalow

Shahnai Bungalow - Bunglow

Shahnai bungalow has 2 a/c and 2 non a/c luxurious rooms and a spacious hall. Also, has a terrace where you can use for a party. Rooms have attached washroom, bedding hot & cold water facility. In Hall TV, home theatre and dining facility available.   Shahnai bungalow is located in Karla,…

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Santoor Bungalow

Santoor Bungalow - Bunglow

Santoor Bungalow is located in Karla, Which in is in Lonavala. Lonavala is very famous tourist place, where you come close to the nature. Lonavala is blessed with the nature it is surrounded by the Trees, Hills and number of waterfalls in rainy season.    Well Santoor Bungalow is the…

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