Hanuman temple Basavan bagevadi

Distance: 44 km from vijaypur

Hanuman temple Basavan bagevadi

Hanuman temple Basavan bagevadi

Significance :

     Hanuman temple is an ancient temple in the basavan bagevadi. According to local opinion the temple is older than 10th century, but renovated many time. the temple looks like home from outside as the region was ruled by adil shahi and Gulbarga sultanate may be the reason behind it, there is a sabha manatapa, mukha mantapa and gabha graham in the temple. the hanuman statue in the standing posture is the deity here. previously it was a natural statue but in recent centuries the carved statue is worshipped. An sapta matrika statue can be found in the backside of the temple which can be find normally in 8-10th century temples. the temple is right opposite to the basaveshwar circle and famous basavan gudi in basavan bagevadi.

How to reach :

Hanuman temple near basaveshwar circle, basavan bagevadi

Distance from state capital bangalore to Basavan bagevadi is 491 km

Distance from hubli to Basavan bagevadi is 186 km

Distance from district headquarter vijayapura to Basavan bagevadi is 44 km

Bus and private vehicles are also available from vijayapura.

Nearby Railway station : Basavan bagevadi road, vijayapura

Nearby Airport : Hubballi, belagavi

Stay :

Nearby Hotel and resort Facility at vijayapura, alamatti.


                          06.00AM – 08.00PM

Entrance fees :


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