Pavana Dam.

Distance: 15 km from Lonavala and 45 km from Pune.

Pavana Dam is located in a beautiful village in Maval  Pavana Nagar, it is just 15 km from Lonavala Hill station and 45 km from Pune, 120 km from Mumbai. Pavana Dam is the perfect and ideal weekend gateway for Punekar and Mumbaikar. Pavana Nagar is the very well-known place for a picnic. Pavana dam is the beautiful picnic place located in Sahayadri Western Ghats in Maval Region. This place gives you such a rare experience about Green Mountain,  lush green forest, nature made Waterfall, beautiful and historic forts,  old temples, old and rare Caves, lots more beautiful things about lovely nature. It is easily accessible by road from Lonavala, Pune, and Mumbai. The nearest airport is Pune airport, nearest Railway station is the Lonavala and Kamshet railway station. Pavana dam’s water supply to entire Pimpri- Chinchwad. Pavana Dam is the cool place to relax and enjoy our weekend with family and close once.


Pavana dam built on one of the best evergreen River Pavana in Maharashtra. It is the Gravity type of the dam. The height of the Pavana dam is almost 139 ft. high and the length 6360 ft long. Dam is spread over 20 to 25 km area under the water. The main purpose of the dam to generate electricity and supply water to PCMC. In the 1976 Pavana dam was built. Pavana dam is also famous for shoot Marathi and Bollywood movies. You can see lots of other famous tourist destinations near Pavana dam some historic things namely Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort, Tikona Fort and Tung Fort. You also see some old caves nearby the Pavana Dam Bedse caves, Karla caves, Hadshi caves.Some temples like Parti Pandahpur temple Hadshi. Near this dam there is a Baba Maharaj Satarkar math, It’s also a good place to visit. Some beautiful Islands.


Pavana dam such an ideal place for enjoy and spend your valuable time with close once. When the sun peeps into the water of the Pavana Lake, the once blue water forms golden and silver ripples. The view looks awesome. It’s a treat to watch. The place has always been a source of inspiration for poets, writers, painters and photographers. All in all, both the dam and the lake are listed among the most popular picnic spots around Pune. You find many families looking at the place as an ideal getaway for weekends. You can plan a trip to Pavana Dam any time of the year, but monsoon season is the best time for such a trip.


So please visit Pavana Dam and get amazing experience about our beautiful and lovely nature.





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