Nagaon Beach

Distance: 120 km from Pune

Nagaon beach

Nagaon beach is a great location to spend your week if you don't want to go much distance. It is situated 10 km from Alibaug beach. Around 60 km from Mumbai and 120km from Pune so it is on middle of both for convenience. 

If you are travelling from Pune then you have to take old Mumbai highway or expressway till Khopoli and then continue further till Pen. Afterwards continue road till Alibuag from where, Nagaon beach is just 10 km. Road gets little rough after  Pen but after reaching to Nagaon, its all worth it.

Nagaon beach is one of clean and beautiful beach in Maharashtra. Tourists comes all over the Maharashtra, I even saw some foreigners during my trip. Another advantage of Nagaon beach is you will get complete privacy as beach is not much crowded. Water sports are also available at beach so you can enjoy with your friends.

Nagaon beach is total rural area so your pockets should not worry about the money. Yes, some resorts are different than ordinary but they give you what you pay for. All the resorts and cottages are in the Local area which is not far from beach. You can easily walk to beach, Just like other Kokan area Nagaon is also a green place which gives you shadows while you walk and drive. 

There are not many places to get breakfast and meals in locality but you wil get some good meal at beach side after some swimming. Nagaon beach is pretty big so you can walk till hours and not get bored of beauty of this beach. 

If you are looking for a weekend trip with your family or friends, don't hesitate to visit Nagaon. It is the most beautiful beach and clean for sure.

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