Vaijnath temple, Vaijnath

Distance: 20 km from belagavi

Vaijnath temple, Vaijnath

Vaijnath temple, Vaijnath


            Due to Vaijnath temple the village also famous vaijnath(Don’t confuse with parli vijanath in beed is different), Monday is considered as the day to worship lord shiva so many devotees visit vaijnath on every Monday, especially on shravan month there will be huge crowd to take darshan of the vaijnatha temple. its an old temple, the reference of the temple can be found with the mahipalgad fort also, according to local people opinion temple belongs to 8th century and renovated in the time of Maratha and king mahipal. It’s a treekuta temple where two gopuras can be found in the temple, there is a mukha manatapa, two garbha graham and a sabha mantapa in the temple. Visitor can visit a vitthal rukmayi temple just near to it. The greenery and the adventurous hill will provide pleasant joy to the visitor. 

How to reach:

Vaijnath temple Vaijnath, 20km from belagavi

Distance from Bangalore to Mahipalgad is 520 km

Distance from Hubli to Mahipalgad is 115 km

Distance from district headquarter kolhapur to Mahipalgad is 123km

Public and private vehicles are available from Belagavi.

Nearby Railway station : Belagavi

Nearby Airport : Belagavi

Stay :

Nearby Hotel and resort Facility at Belagavi, kolhapur.


06.00AM – 06.00PM

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