Ramakrishna ashrama, Belagavi

Distance: 1.5Km from belagavi bus stand

Ramakrishna ashrama, Belagavi

Ramakrishna ashrama, Belagavi


            In the fort area belagavi Ramkrishna mission ashrama is the one holy place where swamy vivekanand blessed by staying here. it is the only place in the north Karnataka where swami vivekananad stayed in the excursion of entire india. From 15th to 27th October 1892, 13 days swami vivekanand stayed and blessed the people by his rich philosophical speeches. Now in the same place where swami vivekanandji stayed Ramakrishna mission ashrama serving people in many aspect including philosophy and modern science. It will be pleasant to visit ashrama which is a serene place.      

How to reach:

Ramkrishna ashrama, fort area, belagavi

Distance from Bangalore to Belagavi is 507 km

Distance from Hubli to Belagavi is 101 km

Distance from Belagavi bus stand to Kamal basadi is 1.5km

Private vehicles are available from Belagavi bus stand.

Nearby Railway station : Belagavi

Nearby Airport : Belagavi

Stay :

Nearby Hotel and resort Facility at Belagavi.


06.00AM – 06.00PM

      Entrance :



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