Godachinmalki falls, gokak

Distance: 55 km from belagavi

Godachinmalki falls, gokak

Godachinmalki falls, gokak


            Godachinmalki falls is point of attractions for visitors who likes to visit in greenery environment. Natural cutting of huge rock in the river created a small in height but a wide falls here. One should walk around 2km from the godachinmalki village in fields and forest to reach falls. There is no road connectivity to reach here. the river created around 100meter falls here with very attractive atmosphere. The sound of water fall can be here from half km away in the forest. Visitors can enjoy the swimming in the river and also shower in the falls, Hundreds of people visit here especially in the morning 8.00AM to 2.00pm to get shower in the falls. There will be no entry for the falls after 6.00pm.

How to reach:

Godachinmalki falls from gokak town.

Distance from state capital Bangalore to Gokak is 555 km

Distance from Hubli to Gokak is 150 km

Distance from district headquarter Belagavi to Gokak is 55km

Public and private vehicles are available from Belagavi and gokak.

Nearby Railway station : belagavi, kudachi

Nearby Airport : belagavi, Hubballi

Stay :

Nearby Hotel and resort Facility at gokak and Belagavi.


07.00AM – 06.00PM

      Entrance :



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